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Kawase Junsuke I

初世 川瀬 順輔

Kawase Junsuke I
1870 - 1959


Among all of Kodo II's disciples, Kawase Junsuke I (1870-1957) was most successful in revising and popularizing the shakuhachi notation. Kodo II's shakuhachi notation was written in a very peculiar calligraphic style, somewhat difficult to read. Kodo II's disciples, Miura Kindo, Mizuno Rodo, and Kawamoto Itsudo continued this way of writing. Kawase, however, with the help of Kodo III, rewrote the notation into an easy-to-read, block-lettering style. At first, they cooperated in publishing this music, but later Kodo III developed his own shakuhachi parts to the ensemble music and began publishing on his own. Under Kawase's exceptional organizational abilities, the number of his students grew, forming the Chikuyu Sha shakuhachi organization which has membership throughout the country and is the largest organization within the Kinko style. The music which he published also became the standard notation for the majority of Kinko shakuhachi players.

From: The Shakuhachi - a manual for learning. By Christopher Yohmei Blasdel



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YoshinokaikoTake no Sekai

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