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Komuso history added - 12/10 2017
A brief history of the komuso has been added, courtesy of Elliot Kallan.

New President and Governor - 10/25 2017
I'm very pleased to announce that Elliot Kallen is taking over as president of The International Shakuhachi Society. I've been doing it for over 15 years and it's time for a break. Elliot is an excellent shakuhachi player and teacher, and a close friend. I'm positive the society is in great hands. Thank you everyone for years of wonderful memories. I'll still be around, as webmaster of and supporting Elliot if he needs it. - Ron

Also I'm very happy that Kaoru Kakizaki has taken on a role as one of the society's governors!

Glossary edits - 09/30 2017
Miscellaneous Japanese glossary terms added

Updated Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin's biography - 06/21 2017
Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin passed away on May 30, 2017.

Glossary entries - 12/03 2015
Miscellaneous additions and corrections to Glossary kanji/katakana/hiragana

Added Chikuyusha title scan - 03/30 2015
Added the piece Yunagi (Kinko) as well as information on the composer as well as a Chikuyusha title scan.

Added Chikuyusha title scans - 08/23 2014
Five more titles added

Added and/or modified pages for 12 Nagauta pieces - 08/23 2014
Created or modified and corrected existing pages for Musume Dojoji, Sagi Musume, Matsu no Midori, Oimatsu (Nagauta), Kokaji, Tomoyakko, Azuma Hakkei, Horai, Kanjincho, Goro Tokimune, Aki no Irokusa, and Renjishi.

Added Chikuyusha title scans - 08/23 2014
Added several Nagauta title scans.

Added Chikuyusha title scans - 08/22 2014
Two titles added and linked to new piece description pages.

Corrected two Ikuta-ryu piece titles - 08/17 2014
Reset title/piece links

Added Chikuyusha title scans - - 08/17 2014
4 more scans and 2 title corrections for Chikuyusha title ID in Member Downloads

Added Chikuyusha title scans - 08/16 2014
20 more scans for Chikuyusha title ID in Member Downloads

Added Chikuyusha title scans - - 05/30 2014
19 more scans and 3 corrections for Chikuyusha title ID in Member Downloads

Added Chikuyusha title scans - - 05/30 2014
17 more title scans for Kanji ID in Member Downloads.

Added photos, kanji, and info on several historic koto and shamisen masters - 12/17 2013
info on Kawase Satoko, Tomizaki Shunsho, Imai Keishi, Yonekawa Chikatoshi, Amagasa Saiju, Koshino Eisho, and Hisamoto Genchi.

Bookmarking Translated Pages - 10/20 2012
Translated versions of the site menus have been available for some time but they were hard to use. Now it is easy to bookmark any translated version of a page you are viewing and quickly switch between different languages.

Added Essays and LPs - 04/19 2011
Added twelve more downloadable essays to the Bibliograhy, available to members only. Also added information on fifteen rare LPs donated by Riley Lee and Elliot Kallen.

Chikuho Ryû Repertoire updated - 10/25 2010
Thanks to member support I've been able complete the list of Honkyoku, and their Kanji, that are taught in the Chikuho Ryû.

Russian Interface Up and Running - 10/25 2010
Thank you Eugene Sukhorukov!

German Interface Up and Running - 10/23 2010
Thank you Christian Grobmeier for the translation.

Translations of the Interface - 10/23 2010
Members are now able to translate the site menus to many language and make them immediately available to the world.

Schools Page Update - 10/16 2010
The information about a school now includes a collection of people associated with that school.

More edit features for members - 09/28 2010
Members can now edit and add to the Publications, Glossary, and Events lists.

No more dead links - 09/26 2010
Homepage and event links that can't be reached are automatically removed once a week.

Publications are now part of the site - 09/01 2010
Created a Publications section, added information on many publications, updated people pages to display that person's publications. Select essays from the ISS library are also downloadable by members.

Sort Pieces by Date of Composition - 01/23 2009
From the list of pieces there is now a link that will show all the pieces sorted by when they were composed.

Sort Albums by Genre - 01/19 2009
On the album index page it is not possible to view albums by genre.

Edit your own Bio Page - 11/26 2008
Any one listed on the site can now log in and edit all the information on their biography page or upload a new photo of themselves. They can also choose to hide or publish their bio page at will. But can't yet add albums.

Personal Inventory of Pieces Learned - Members Only - 11/26 2008
Members now have the option of using the site to track a list of pieces they've learned and can share this information with other members if they choose. This will be espeically useful for new students to track their progress or provide a list for their teacher showing where they are at.

Personal Inventory of Scores Owned - Members Only - 11/26 2008
Members can now use the site to build and browse a list of the scores in their collection and have the option of sharing this information with others if they wish.

Personal Inventory of Albums - Members only - 09/05 2008
You can now catalog the albums you own. After logging in, on the page for any album just hit the - I own this album - button. To see the list of what you own go to the discography section and choose the link that says - View my albums. Also on the discography you can enter your own catalog numbers for each recording in order to help keep track of your physical collection.

Teacher's Page Sorted by Country - 08/31 2008
The entries on the teacher's page are now broken up by country and a country index appears at the top of the page. See Teachers.

Kanji in the Glossary - 08/31 2008
The Glossary now displays Kanji for terms. Glossary.

Sorting of Performances and Compositions - 08/31 2008
On the page for each person any of their recordings or compositions are now segragated into seperate sections. For example tracks where the person performs on Koto are listed seperately from where they play on Shamisen. Also replaced audio samples Listen links with play buttons and made the buttons easier to find.

Display Recordings by Year and Publisher - 08/31 2008
The album indexes now have links on publisher names and years to show all recordings for a particular publisher or year. See Albums.

Kanji on Piece Index Pages - 08/31 2008
The Kanji for each piece is now visible on the piece index pages. See Index.

Personal Lineage Charts - 08/31 2008
Expandable lineage charts have been added to the page for each person. By clicking boxes people can display the full set of students for a person. See Kurosawa Kinko I for example.

Romaji Versions of Poems - 08/31 2008
Romaji versions of many of the Sankyoku poems have been added to the description of the piece. See Shin Musume Dojoji.

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