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Ai-no-te合の手Music performed between vocal sections
AtariTo strike a finger hole
Ato-Uta後唄Ending vocal section
Chikuzen inchinyoThe bamboo and Zen are as one
Chirashi散らし or チラシClimax of section
Danmono段物Scored in Dans (sections) without vocals
DojikyokuChildren's song. Actually called "Dokyoku"
FuriフリA rapid meri/kari head dip.
Gaikyoku外曲Outside Music
Gakufu楽譜Musical notation
Hachigaeshi鉢返Returning the bowl.
HateA light kind of honkyoku. Played in the afternoon when free from strict discipline of religion.
Honte本手The main body of a piece. A melodic development in higher register.
Ichi Ji Ichi Ritsu一寺一律One temple, one piece
Ichion Jobutsu一音成仏To reach enlightenment by the use of only one sound
Jiuta地歌 or 地唄Music originally composed for Shamisen
Kaede替手Secondary arangment of a piece
KanUpper register
KariカリBlow by putting the chin up, to raise the tone
Komi Buki込吹Big breath
Kumiuta組歌Pieces for Koto license
Mae-Uta前唄Opening vocal section
MeriメリBlow by putting the chin down, to lower the tone
Miyakobushi scale都節D, Ef, F, G, Af, C, D
Musubi結びTying up, concluding. Final section of a piece.
NagashiPlaying in the street
Naka-uta中唄Middle vocal section
NayashiTo begin pitch meri and rise to standard pitch
Otsu乙 or 呂Low register
Reibo鈴慕Yearning for the Bell
Sankyoku三曲Music with three instruments
Shaku30.30 cm
Shirabe調To check the sounds and move into the proper frame of mind before performing Honkyoku. Exploring / Investigating.
Sokyoku箏曲Music originally composed for Koto.
Sugagaki菅垣The term Sugagaki, when used in Shakuhachi music, simply means pieces which are unrelated to the Fuke legend. The term Sugagaki also refers to a technique used in solo Koto music without voice.
Sun3.03 cm
SuriスリSee suri age
Suri ageスリ上A slide upwards
Suri sageスリ下A slide downwards
Takane高音Section of a honkyoku piece usually played in the upper octave, often containing the climax of the piece.
Takuhatsu托鉢The practice of begging for alms by monks / pieces played by Komuso when begging.
Tamane玉音Flutter tongue technique
Tegoto手事Musical Interlude
Tegotomono手事物Musical form with Tegoto
Utaguchi唄口The sharp blowing edge of the shakuhachi

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