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Hiratsuka Yoshio
Toshiba EMI - PCDZ-6001

トラック番号 タイトル 漢字 長さ 尺八 三味線
1   Silk Road Fantasy, The シルクロードの幻想 11'40

Long long ago, it is said that the Silk Road, a long way, on which people traveled to see many kinds of history, culture, and prosperity, led from China, to Persia and further to Rome.

The figure of a caravan crossing the desolate dessert looks like an illusion of people travelling to seek for a beautiful faraway city. The music expresses such a scene poetically and sentimentally as it is in a dream.
2   Composition of Koto, Shakuhachi, and Percussion 筝・尺八・打楽器によるコンポジション 11'46

Shakuhachi and Percussion - Yoshio Hiratsuka, 1978
The first performance of this Composition was in his recital in 1978. This work by playing together with experts of Shakuhachi was in the news as original avant-garde one. The tune begins from an introduction with unique sense of color, and appears a fantastic time like a calm dream appears as the main theme of this tune. But suddenly, that dream is broken by a dynamic sound, and the drama of music is developed by extempore musical performance. The scene that three players compete for their own originalities and arts create a climax of this tune. And a cheerful rhythmical ensemble is performed by the part of Shakuhachi solo and Koto solo, the composition is over after the theme of "Illusion like a dream" appears again.

It is composed for three players.
Koto player uses three Koto.
(Koto I , Koto II. Jushichigen) Shakuhachi player uses two kinds of instruments.(D and A), and Percussion player uses over ten kinds of instruments, (a marimba, a vibraphone, a timpani, a bass drum, a snare drum. cymbals, a wood block, etc.)
3   Poems for Koto 筝のための詩曲 11'19

Yoshio Hiratsuka, 1984. The rumbling tremolo of Koto announces the main theme which the soloist plays like an epic poem. Although there are moments of pathos, the piece rises to a thundering climax as powerful themes build to the finale.
4   Nostalgia ノスタルジア 12'46

Yoshio Hiratsuka, 1959. Koto starts with calm, sorrowful melody. Then it's taken over by Shakuhachi. Such repetition makes one nostalgia. Like One's memories, the music gradually fades away.
5   Concerto Grosso No. 1 合奏協奏曲第一番 14'27

Yoshio Hiratsuka, 1986. The theme of this music is the delight and the joy of concerto grosso. Koto, Jushichigen, and Shakuhachi separately form their own harmonies but unite in the end for the rhythmical ceremony.

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