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Sue no Chigiri


This is a piece of genre Jiuta in the style of Tegotomono from the Ikuta Ryû - 生田 School. This piece was composed for Koto by the person Yaezaki Kengyo. This piece was composed for Shamisen by the person Matsûra Kengyo in the year cir. 1790.

History (Tsuge Gen'ichi):

This piece was composed around 1790 by Matsuura Kengyo of Kyoto as a jiuta piece. Later, Yaezaki Kengyo (1766?-1848) arranged it as we know it today for koto and shamisen ensemble. This jiuta-sokyoku demonstrates an early tegoto-mono form of the Kyoto style.

'Sue no chigiri' means 'Pledge of Eternal Fidelity,' and the text is a courtesan's avowal of true love.

Poem (translated by Tsuge Gen'ichi)

A soul afloat
Am I.
How could I not have known?
I wander aimlessly
Like a small fisher's boat,
Rudderless in those shallow waters
Of ancient poems
Where lovers were wont to meet,
Rising, then falling on the waves.

Oh, forlorn crane,
Pacing the desolate shore,
Let us cry together.

But I must be braced
Like a resilient bow,
Filled with anticipation of spring.
Please do not forget me,
Even though I live in obscurity
For eight thousand years
As your mistress.
Do not break our sincere pledge
Of eternal fidelity.
Shiranami no
kakaru ukimi to
shirade ya wa
waka ni mirume wo
nagisa ni mayoo
uitsu shizumitsu
yorube sae
araiso tsutoo
ashitazu no
nakite zo tomo ni


haru wo kokoro no
nana to mite
wasure tamoona
kaku shitsutsu
yachiyo furu tomo
kimi mashite
kokoro no sue no
chigiri tagoona

Sue no Chigiri appears on the following albums

Abe Keiko Record Set - 05
Fujii Kunie Abe Keiko
Araki Kodo III and Fukuda Eika - Collection of Famous Performances - 02 Araki Kodo III
Fukuda Eika
Ikuta Ryu Sokyoku Senshu Volume 02

Sankyoku Home Practice - Chuden 1 Aoki Reibo II Ota Hisako Ota Satoko
Seiha Hogakkai Play Favorites 02 - Matsuura Kengyo

Shakuhachi Tokusen - Araki Kodo III Araki Kodo III
Sokyoku Jiuta Taikei 28 Araki Kodo III
Fukuda Eika
Sounds from Japan Yokoyama Katsuya

    The poem written by Jiroemon Takahide Mitsui alias Meikyo Korakuen of Kyoto, was composed by Matsuura Kengyo for "Sangen tune" and further, Yaezaki Kengyo changed it into Koto tune. This is said to be the best of Matsuura Kengyo's works. This poem expresses the sentiment of love on the plea of the boat drifting on the waves. The melody is graceful, natural and classical. This time, it is played only by Shakuhachi and Koto. (Mikiko Haga)

Togashi Noriko - 02 None
Togashi Noriko

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