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Tone no Funa Uta


This is a piece of genre Modern from the Azuma Ryû School. Also Known As : The Boating Song of Tohne. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Fukuda Rando.

History (Michael Chikuzen Gould):

This is a relatively modern piece by the famous composer Fukuda Rando, who is known especially for his songs written during the war recovery years and showing a great influence from western music. Listen closely to the first eight beats to feel the rhythms of the oars being pulled to row the boat.

Tone no Funa Uta appears on the following albums

Fukuda Rando Shakuhachi Meikyoku Sen

Tsukikusa no Yume; Fukuda Rando Shakuhachi Meikyoku Shu Yokoyama Katsuya

Yokoyama Katsuya Plays Fukuda Rando - Boxed Cassette Yokoyama Katsuya

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