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Kariboshikiri Uta


This is a piece of genre Min'yo from the Min'yo School.

Kariboshikiri Uta appears on the following albums

Invitation to the Folk Songs for Shakuhachi

Japanese Folk Songs

    In olden days farmers cut bamboo grass or miscanthus for thatching their roofs or feeding their cows and horses. They used a scythe for cutting. While they worked, they sang this song with slow tempo.

Journey of the Wind

Melody of Japan - Pathos of Autumn

Minyo Meijin Series Watanabe Kizo

Minyo Shakuhachi no Shirabe

Nihon Minyo - Shakuhachi Tokusen Shu - 2

Shakuhachi - Clive Bell Clive Bell

    The harvesting, drying and cutting song - A farmer's working song from Kyushu.

Shakuhachi Folk Tunes - Vol 3

Shakuhachi Min'yo - 1991

Shakuhachi Minyo Yes

Shakuhachi Minyo no Shirabe

Shakuhachi no sekai - 1

Special Selection of Folk Songs for the Shakuhachi - 2

View From Here, The Peter Ross

The International Shakuhachi Society - 2018