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Daiyon Fudo


This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Kineya Seiho in 1981.

Daiyon Fudo appears on the following albums

Daiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho Ishikawa Toshimitsu

    Seiho Kineya is one of the top composers in the world of traditional Japanese music today. This work, for three shakuhachi, is the fourth piece in a series called "Fado." It compares the trembling and confusion of the heart to the wildness of the wind. The deep insightfulness of this piece paints a splendid picture of longings for the peaceful coexistence of nature and human beings. Seiho Kineya's special ability is to create compositions on a classical base and then experiment with new techniques on top of that base. His talent makes listeners stand in utter awe of his compositional abilities.

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