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Habu no Minato


This is a piece of genre Min'yo from the Min'yo School. Also Known As : Habu Harbour.

Habu no Minato appears on the following albums

Collection of Shakuhachi Solos by Muraoka Yoshi Muraoka Yoshi

Music of Japan

    This is also an arrangement for koto, shamisen and orchestra by the melody of a popular song.

    Habu is a small fishing harbor in Izu-Ooshima, a small island near Izu peninsula.

    The original song was composed in 1923 by Shimpei Nakayama (1887-1952) who wrote many melodies with Japanese feeling, and had a great vogue all over the country in 1930's.

    As the original words are composed of three stanzas of the same melody, the arranged piece here recorded repeats the melody three times: the first and the third time played by shamisen and the second by koto.

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