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San'ya (Yama-Tani)


This is a piece of genre Koten.

San'ya (Yama-Tani) appears on the following albums

Japanese Traditional Shakuhachi Yokoyama Katsuya

    Tohoku district origin. Among many other pieces titled Sanya, this is of the most tranquility and calm.

Shakuhachi - Ryudo - 02 Takahashi Ryudo

Tajima Tadashi Shakuhachi no Sekai II Tajima Tadashi

When the Brightness Comes Iwamoto Yoshikazu

    Also known in several variants all with the same title, each originating in a different area of Japan, each quite distinct in character and mood. Nevertheless, they do have one feature in common-the overall melodic curve. This takes the shape of a mountain with the main peak in the middle, i.e. they all start calmly in the lower register and gradually rise up to reach a peak both in pitch and intensity, then descend to a final calm ending.

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