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This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi in the year 1990.

Kogetsu appears on the following albums


Sun - Moon Nakamura Akikazu

    The Chinese character getsu means moon. In Chinese, similarly, the verb 'to chip' is pronounced ketsu. They are connected by the fact that the phases of the moon represnet a 'chipping' away of its face. In Japanese, however, the word for moon is tsuki, which has the same sound as the word for obsession. We can thus understand how the ancient Japanese felt about the moon. Even today we can feel the mysterious beauty of the full moon in the clear sky.

    Kougetsu was composed at the request of Mr. Akikazu Nakamura in 1990, and is for Shakuhachi (Bamboo flute, 54.5 cm) and Jyusangen (thirteen-string koto). The title was taken from the Buddhist name given posthumously to my grandfather.

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