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Chikurai Gosho 5 - Meian

竹籟五章 第五章 明暗

This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Moroi Makoto in 1964.

Chikurai Gosho 5 - Meian appears on the following albums


Five Pieces for Shakuhachi Chikurai Mitsuhashi Kifu

Five Pieces for Shakuhachi Chikurai - Makato Moroi Sakai Chikuho II

    The Fifth Movement, "Mei An": Borrowed from the name of the temple in Kyoto, Myoh-An Ji Temple, which was the cradle for Shakuhachi music, this movement is a change of contrasting bright (Mei) and dark (An) sounds of the instrument. Similar to the recurring method, all the major motives of foregoing movements recur in this finale. The largest, Rondo-like final movement.

Take-Ikkan Aoki Reibo II

    Part 5

Tamafuri - New Aspect for Japanese Instrument Shakuhachi Mitsuhashi Kifu

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