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Futatsu no Uta


This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Yokoyama Katsuya in 1975.

Futatsu no Uta appears on the following albums

Sangai Rinten - 2 Yokoyama Katsuya Sawai Tadao
    First composed in 1975, "Futatsu-no-uta" (two songs') was partially rewritten in 1978. The opening shomyo, (Buddhist chant) style singing uses the Iroha arrangement of the Japanese kana syllabary as its text. This is one uta with the second uta being the 'Kangen-no-uta' ("song for pipes and strings") featuring the shakuhachi Nolan and 17-string koto. Normally tuned in two octaves, the 17-string koto here is tuned over four octaves.
    The end of the piece again returns to the shomyo singing style, this time with the use of a typical yoke, a chant for "teaching" of the Shinbone Sect of Buddhism entitled "Rumor no Yoke" ('the teaching of a dragon girl'). This is a 12th century text telling how Manjusri Bodhisatva taught an eight-year old dragon girl the path of Buddha using the Lotus Sutra.

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