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Tsukikusa no Yume


This is a piece of genre Modern from the Azuma Ryû School. Also Known As : Dream of the Dayflower. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Fukuda Rando in 1929.

Tsukikusa no Yume appears on the following albums

Daiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho Ishikawa Toshimitsu

    These two short compositions, like 'Rando Fukuda's other shakuhachi works, are tinged with sweetness and nostalgia for the romanticism of the Taisho era (1912-1926). Both of these pieces were written at the beginning of the Showa era (1926-1989). Many of Rando's shakuhachi works are based on themes of childhood days or heart-rending memories, and amidst the shakuhachi repertoire they shine brightly. He is widely known for his songs "Fuefuki Doji" (Flute-playing Child) and "Beni Kujaku" (Red Peacock), but in real life he lead a solitary existence.

Fukuda Rando Shakuhachi Meikyoku Sen

Picture Dreams Riley Kelly Lee Odamura Satsuki
    The Dream of the Dayflower - was originally composed for piano and shakuhachi. The composer was one of Mr. Yokoyama's teachers. The word tsukikusa translates literally as 'Moon Grass'.

Ren-Men Andrew MacGregor

Tsukikusa no Yume; Fukuda Rando Shakuhachi Meikyoku Shu Yokoyama Katsuya Sawai Tadao

Yokoyama Katsuya Plays Fukuda Rando - Boxed Cassette Yokoyama Katsuya

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