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This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Hirose Ryohei in 1972.

Byo appears on the following albums

Shakuhachi - Reibo Aoki (LP) Aoki Reibo II

    From the time I first knew the great performer Mr. Aoki in 1960, I became the captive of his instrument, the shakuhachi. Though I have written several different kinds of ensemble pieces for the shakuhachi, this is my first attempt at a solo piece.

    The possibilities of this instrument alone! There is no other instrument like it in existence anywhere on this enormous earth, and it is probably for this reason that shakuhachi music has been continuously sought as a theme from the past. In the vast mountains and plains, the oceans, the universe and finally, in the endless worldliness of modern times, the absolutely solitary form of a man playing the shakuhachi is painted in sound like a scroll in my heart.

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