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This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi in the year 1991.

Sanyo appears on the following albums


Sun - Moon Nakamura Akikazu

    Sanyou and Kougetsu are a pair, like the sun and the moon. In Kougetsu I tried to express the clearness of the moon at night; in Sanyou, the purity of the early morning air.

    Sanyou is composed for Shakuhachi (72.72cm) and Jyunana-gen (seventeen-string koto). It was also composed at the request of Mr. Akikazu Nakamura in 1991. Mr. Nakamura and Miss Masako Kawamura performed Sanyou for six days as part of the dance performance of Molissa Fenley at the Joyce Theater in New York, January 1993.

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