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This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Yokoyama Katsuya in 1978.

Ririura appears on the following albums

Sangai Rinten - 2 Yokoyama Katsuya

    Composed in 1978, ririura is another name for soga, a singing style of the Middle Ages in Japan. Although very little is known about this type of song, it is thought to have used the shakuhachi as an accompanying instrument. Here it is used mainly for the echo of the word and what it conjures up in terms of the echo of the shakuhachi.

    Although the piece displays a shakuhachi honkyoku feeling, it uses several pitches which are not normally used in honkyoku. The piece features the very low tones of the 2 shaku 7 sun instrument in duet with the regular shakuhachi.

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