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Kanda Bayashi


This is a piece of genre Min'yo from the Min'yo School.

Kanda Bayashi appears on the following albums

Traditional Music of Japan, The - 03

    This is one, example from the numerous folkloric ensembles of percussion and £lute generally called the Hayashi. In Tokyo and its suburban area, there are many shrines which have seasonal festivals mainly in September and October. On the temporary stage of the shrine or on the street the Hayashi music and folkloric dance-dramas are performed for the public. The Hayashi is generally called Matsuri Hayashi (festival Hayashi). Kanda Bayashi is one of them, which is used in the Kanda district of downtown Tokyo. The ensemble usually consistes of a flute, two flat barrel drums played with two sticks, a gong and a big drum. They are named in a specific way. Tonbi is the name of the flute instead of fue; Shirabe (shime-daiko), Yosuke (Atarigane) and Odaiko respectively. The repertoire includes Yatai, Shoden, Makakura, Shichome, Kandamaru, Kirin, Kakko, Shishi, etc.

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