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Chikurai Gosho (Complete)


This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Moroi Makoto in 1964.

Chikurai Gosho (Complete) appears on the following albums

Shakuhachi - Classical Modern Best 30 - 03

Shakuhachi - Reibo Aoki (LP) Aoki Reibo II

    1. Funda ( Fragrant Buddha): The title of this movement refers to the perfume of incense hanging over the Kyoto temple, Seshuji.

    2. Sochiku (Bracing Bamboo): This refers to the refreshing sound of bamboo. There are many tremolo effects, and a definite rhythm.

    3. Kyorai (Hollow Bamboo): This section describes in music the sound of a mind empty of all thought and feeling. This is the heart of the composition, which uses strictly traditional musical' principles from early shakuhachi pieces.

    4. Hachiku (Broken Bamboo): The bamboo flute, or shakuhachi, is "broken" in this movement. A break with the past is made through the extended use of the staccato, which is not used in classical music. This is a very short, rhythmic section.

    5. Meian (Brilliance and Quiet): This part borrows the name of the Kyoto temple Meianji, which has an important position in the history of the shakuhachi. Its musical concept, however, is based on the contrast of bright and dark sounds.

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