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Watazumi no Iroko no Miya


This is a piece of genre Modern Honkyoku from the Azuma Ryû School. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Fukuda Rando.

Watazumi no Iroko no Miya appears on the following albums

Daiyon FUDO - Kineya Seiho Ishikawa Toshimitsu

    The composer was influenced by a painting called "Wadatsumi no Irokono Miya" which was painted by his father Shigeru Aoki, a famous Western-style painter. Based on the Japanese myth called "Wadatsumi"(Deep Sea), this work was incomplete when it was first performed in 1928. The arrangement heard here was completed by Tomiko Kojiba in 1981, and it was premiered by the great Yokoyama Katsuya, a shakuhachi performer and Rando's student, who has been instrumental in making Rando's music better known. This work can be likened to the Western divertimento style, and Rando's great talent can be felt when listening to it.

Fukuda Rando Shakuhachi Meikyoku Sen

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