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Chikurai Gosho 4 - Hachiku

竹籟五章 第四章 破竹

This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Moroi Makoto in 1964.

Chikurai Gosho 4 - Hachiku appears on the following albums


Five Pieces for Shakuhachi Chikurai Mitsuhashi Kifu

Five Pieces for Shakuhachi Chikurai - Makato Moroi Sakai Chikuho II

    The Fourth Movement, "Ha Chiku": This movement is written by a staccato method unobserved in the traditional Shakuhachi playing. As connotation of the sub-title is "breaking the bamboo", this movement was written to break the tradition of Shakuhachi. It is short, but, supported by sharp staccato sounds, makes a strong contrast against the foregoing and following movements.

Take-Ikkan Aoki Reibo II

    Part 4

Tamafuri - New Aspect for Japanese Instrument Shakuhachi Mitsuhashi Kifu

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