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Fairy Tale

This is a piece of genre Modern.

Fairy Tale appears on the following albums

Neutral Point - Forest Nakamura Akikazu

    Mislead moonlight
    Hit the distant fairy-land
    Long time ago, Sleeping Beauty and dwarfs
    Went for a voyage deep in the misty woods

    Chasing the colorful birds to the east
    Over the mountains of some red-eyed beast

    Searching for the fairy queen
    To dew orbs upon the green
    Her magic golden wand

    Creeping fowler eyes shine
    Took the life of captain dwarf
    Leaving dwarfs and Beauty in the dark
    Cruel mother smiling with the red apple

    Moonbeams on sleeping eyes
    Poison-apple in the hand
    Mind fading in blue maiden meditation
    Beauty sang sweet lullaby in dreams

    * repeat

    Mislead fairy
    Appeared and swang golden wand
    Sleeping Beauty opened her eyes and closed
    Knowing the Prince is on his way to her

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