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This is a piece of genre Koten.

Toppiki appears on the following albums


World of Zen Music, The - Shakuhachi Music from Kyushu Nakamura Akikazu

    This piece belonging to the "external transmission" (geden) category of pieces transmitted at the Itchoken komuso temple at Hakata in Kyushu. It is the same piece as Hokkoku reibo, which was transmitted originally by Katsuura Shozan (1856-1942) in Kyushu, although it has its origins in the Hokuriku area of northern Japan from a much earlier age. The music seems to have been created in imitation of the transverse flute employed in popular music and festive lion dances of the time. The meaning of the title is unclear, although to judge from the tone of the piece, it may well be an onomatopoeic term referring to the sound of the instrument. The piece has a mysterious atmosphere not to be found in any other piece.

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