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This is a piece of genre Shinkyoku from the Miyagi School. This piece was composed for Koto by the person Miyagi Michio in the year 1946.

History (Philip Masashi Flavin):

Tegoto, a koto solo composed by the legendary Michio Miyagi in 1946, draws upon representative genres of Edo period koto music. In the first movement, Tegoto, Miyagi uses stereotypical melodies found in tegoto works such as Yaegoromo, to create a structure based upon the Western sonata. The first five notes of the slow second movement, Kumiuta, are a melody created by the execution of a fundamental technique found in koto kumiuta, the most austere and most revered vocal genre of the Edo period. The third movement, a rondo, turns to the representative instrumental genre of koto music, danmono, and also uses a stereotypical melodic/technical motif for the theme.

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