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Yoshiya Reibo


This is a piece of genre Koten in the style of Takuhatsu from the Kinko Ryû - 琴古流 School.

History (John Singer):

This piece was named after the place called Yoshino in Nara. The term "Reibo" means, "one temple having one piece" (Ichi Ji Ichi Ritsu) and is also used as a suffix. It was transmitted from Ryuan to Zansui at Kyu Koan in Uji along with "Shizu No Kyoku" and "Kyo Reibo".

In other Shakuhachi schools different Chinese characters are used for "Yoshino" and though the titles are read the same way, the content of the respective pieces differs markedly.

Yoshiya Reibo appears on the following albums

Complete Collection of Honkyoku from the Kinko School - Vol 1 - Disc 2 Aoki Reibo II

Kinko Ryu Honkyoku - 2 Aoki Reibo II

Offerings Ralph Samuelson

    The term reibo ("yearning for the bell") is a reference to the origins of shakuhachi practice in the sound of Zen master Fuke's bell. Many different shakuhachi pieces are called Reibo, and temples in different regions of Japan developed their own distinct melodies using the word as a suffix to a temple name or place name to identify the origin of a particular piece. Yoshiya is the name of the district in Kyoto where this reibo is thought to have originated.

Shakuhachi no Shinzui-Shakuhachi Honkyoku - 05 Yamaguchi Goro

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