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Shizu no Kyoku


This is a piece of genre Koten from the Kinko Ryû - 琴古流 School.

History (John Singer):

Shizu No Kyoku was originally the "Jyun Honte Kyoku" (fundamental piece) of the Myoan-Ji Temple in Kyoto. According to the Kinko records, it was transmitted from Ryuan to Zansui in Kyu-Koan in Uji along with the pieces "Kyo Reibo" and "Yoshiya Reibo". Then from Zansui it was transmitted to the Shimpo school of Myoan-Ji Temple and to the Hozan Ryu, as well as to the Kinko Ryu.

This piece consists of two parts and both begin with high pitched intense sounds. Towards the ending of the piece, the melody gradually descends more and more deeply reaching the lowest sounds (Tsu Tsu On). It is said that this piece was used as a training method to attain the way of Buddhism. The special characteristic of Shizu No Kyoku is in the expression of the hidden vigor lying within the calm quiet of the music.

Different Chinese characters are used for the term "Shizu". There are three variations including the one used in the Miura Kindo Honkyoku Text.

Shizu no Kyoku appears on the following albums

Complete Collection of Honkyoku from the Kinko School - Vol 2 - Disc 1 Aoki Reibo II

Kinko Ryu Honkyoku - 5 Aoki Reibo II

Shakuhachi no Shinzui-Shakuhachi Honkyoku - 02 Yamaguchi Goro

Suizen - Chikuho ryu ni miru fuke shakuhachi no keifu - 02 Sakai Chikuho II

Take no Shirabe; Fuke Shu Honkyoku Yes

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