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This is a piece of genre Koten from the Chikuho Ryû and Taizan Ha Schools .

Shin'ya appears on the following albums


Deep Night - Yearning for the Bell Volume 5 Riley Kelly Lee

    Deep Night

    The komuso had in their repertoire pieces for all occasions. There were early morning pieces; pieces to play while walking down the road while practicing mendicancy; pieces performed in the afternoon while "off duty"; pieces of gratitude; pieces for funerals and for the impending birth of a child; pieces for celebrations; and pieces to play at the solemn and sometimes secret (i.e., important and sacred) ceremonies held in the middle of the night. Shin'ya no kyoku (literally Deep Night Piece) communicates the unique atmosphere of such a late night meditation.

Meianji Shoden Shakuhachi Honkyoku Shu 02 Yoshimura sôshin Fuan

Myoan Sanjunana Sei Tanikita Muchiku Shu - 2 Tanikita Muchiku Roan

Nesting of the Cranes Riley Kelly Lee

    Deep Night

    There is a classical honkyoku for solo shakuhachi by the same title, which was traditionallyperformed in meditation sessions that took place after midnight. This duet was written by Riley Lee in 1994. He performs both parts in this recording.

Sokoinrancho Watazumi Doso Roshi

Spirit of Silence, The Iwamoto Yoshikazu

    This piece is about the quiet and austere "Deep Night" when all nature is in calm meditation.

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