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This is a piece of genre Sokyoku in the style of Meiji Shinkyoku from the Ikuta Ryû - 生田 School. This piece was composed for Shamisen by the person Terashima Hanano I.

History (Tsuge Gen'ichi):

Shin-takasago ('New Takasago') is an example of 'new koto music' of the Meiji Era. Although this piece is composed in the tegoto-mono form, it is not a jiuta sokyoku. The tegoto is performed by two koto(s) tuned differently.

The text is taken from the no play Takasago, which praises the gods for a long, married life. Because of its character, this piece is often performed at auspicious occasions such as wedding ceremonies.

Poem (translated by Tsuge Gen'ichi)

Takasago Bay!
Raising the sail
On this cable,
Together with the moonrise,
The rising tide -

See, the reflection of Awaji Island!
Above the waves.

Far past
The offing at Naruo,
We have reached
Suminoe, already.

We have reached
Suminoe, already.

Takasago ya
kono urafune ni
ho wo agete
truki morotomo ni
ideshio no
nami no awaji no
shimakage ya


Tooku naruo no
oki sugite
haya suminoe ni
haya suminoe ni

Shintakasago appears on the following albums

Fascination of the Koto 2
Yonekawa Megumi
    Shin Takasago (New Takasago)

    Composed by Terazima Hanano (1855-1920), a typical example of new koto music of the Meiji era. This is performed by high registered and a low registered koto. The title derives from the no play Takasago and the adjective 'shin' (new) is added to distinguish it from the older version of Takasago for the koto. The song text, a literal quotation from the no, praises conjugal faithfulness and longevity.

Fujii Kunie Sokyoku Jiuta No Sekai 5 None

How to Play the Shamisen and the Koto (Disc 2)
Nakajima Keiko Yokota Fumiko

Kinko Shakuhachi Gaikyoku Anthology Volume 1 - First Level - tape 2 Kawase Junsuke III

Koto Music of Japan, The
Hagiwara Seikin
    Shin-Takasago was composed by Utano Terashima in the nineteenth century and is based upon Takasago, a famous Noh drama. Takasago is a seaside town near Kobe which has been frequently cited in Japanese literature for its scenic beauty. Takasago in the Noh drama describes happiness and joy, emotions evoked by this lovely koto solo.

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