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Shika no Tône (Don't know which version)


This is a piece of genre Koten.

Shika no Tône (Don't know which version) appears on the following albums

Distant Cry of Deer, The Koga Masayuki

Esprit d'Orient Yokoyama Katsuya

Home is Now Horacio Curti

Ichi Horacio Curti

    This is one of the rare honkyoku pieces played as a duet. Although old, this recording conveys for me the honor of having been performed together with Kakizakai Sensei.

Koku Monden Tekiku

Music for Zen Meditation - Shakuhachi Japanese Flute Rodrigo Rodriguez

Musical Anthology of the Orient, Unesco Collection Vol 3 Notomi Judo II

    During the Edo period the shakuhachi was the instrument exclusively used by a sect of mendicant Buddhist monks. The music which these monks played on their wanderings included-in addition to Buddhist sutra recitations-elements of folk-songs which the monks encountered, and also imitations of the sounds of nature.

    "Shika no tone" was composed at the beginning of the 18th century. The style of performance is noteworthy in its obvious dependence upon the literary context. The full title, "Yobikaeshi shika no tone", means "Deer calling to one another in the distance". The musically stylized call of two deer is represented by two shakuhachi answering one another.

November Steps - Take no Miryoku Yokoyama Katsuya

Shakuhachi - Classical Modern Best 30 - 02

Shakuhachi - The Japanese Flute Miyata Kohachiro

    This is one of the most famous shakuhachi compositions, and probably the most recent of the works heard here: it dates from the 18th century. Entitled "The Sound of Deer Calling to One Another,” the piece's special effects call for a particular kind of audible breathing in which the melodic line is never lost. Often the work is heard as a duet for two shakuhachi, and it is not certain which version is the original. It is played here on the standard-sized instrument {this particular composition is rarely, if ever, played on other sizes).

Watazumido no Sekai Watazumi Doso Roshi

Watazumido-so Roshi Watazumi Doso Roshi

Wild Silence Elizabeth Reian Bennett

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