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O Edo Nihon Bashi


This is a piece of genre Min'yo from the Min'yo School. Also Known As : The Nihonbashi Bridge in Edo.

O Edo Nihon Bashi appears on the following albums

Evening Snow Tani Senzan Tanaka Yoko
Flower Dance - Japanese Folk Melodies

    A cheerful melody of Oedo nihonbashi-the bridge built in Nihonbashi Edo (the old name of Tokyo}-is one of the children's songs, widely known along with Sakura Sakura. The music praises the beauty and the grandeur of the wooden bridge.

Flute and Koto of Japan Yamaguchi Goro
Yonekawa Toshiko
Japan Revisited

Koto Music of Japan

Koto no Kyoshu Nihon no Merodi-shu

Koto no Miryoku - Disk 1

Melody of Japan - Stillness of Winter

Music of Japan

    This is an arrangement for koto, shamisen and a small orchestra of Western instruments from a popular song under the same title.

    The original song of this piece was a popular song named Hakone- bushi which prevailed about at the middle of the 18th century. It was so popular that many different words was put to its melody. "O-Edo Nihonbashi" is the most popular today among them, but not a few different poems are still sung today to the same or slightly changed melody.

    "Edo" is the old name for Tokyo. Nihonbashi is a famous bridge in the centre of Edo and is the starting-point all the roads radiating for countries.

    The picture, painted by Hiroshige, a famous ukiyoe painter, shows the concourse at the Nihonbashi in the morning.

    It was a custom in Edo Period (1600c-1870c) that travellers leaving Edo started from this bridge just after the sun- rise.

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