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Meguro Jishi


This is a piece of genre Koten from the Kinko Ryû - 琴古流 School.

History (John Singer):

The name "Meguro" is connected with Ryukei Zan Tosho-Ji Temple (of the Kinsen group) located in Meguro, Edo. It was transmitted to the Kinko school by Roshu of Aoki Zan Seiko-Ji Temple. As with "Sakai Jishi", this piece was composed and arranged to be played as a duet.

Meguro Jishi appears on the following albums

Complete Collection of Honkyoku from the Kinko School - Vol 1 - Disc 3 Aoki Reibo II

Shakuhachi no Shinzui-Shakuhachi Honkyoku - 09 Yamaguchi Goro

Zen Shakuhachi Duets John Singer

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