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Kyo Reibo


This is a piece of genre Koten in the style of Takuhatsu from the Kinko Ryû - 琴古流 School.

History (John Singer):

This is a "Reibo" piece from the Fuke Shu temple called Reizan Myoan-Ji in Kyoto. It was transmitted from Ryuan to Zansui at Kyu Koan in Uji along with "Shizu No Kyoku" and "Yoshiya Reibo".

In the Myoan version of this piece, simplicity is said to be emphasized whereas in the Kinko version there lies the special quality of splendor and grace.

Kyo Reibo was named after the city of Kyoto.

Kyo Reibo appears on the following albums

Complete Collection of Honkyoku from the Kinko School - Vol 2 - Disc 4 Aoki Reibo II

Kinko Ryu Honkyoku - 8 Aoki Reibo II

Shakuhachi no Shinzui-Shakuhachi Honkyoku - 02 Yamaguchi Goro

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