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This is a piece of genre Jiuta in the style of Hauta from the Ikuta Ryû - 生田 School. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi in the year 18th Century. This piece was composed for Koto by the person Unknown . This piece was composed for Shamisen by the person Koide Ichijûrô.

History (Tsuge Gen'ichi):

Kurokami ('Jet-black Hair') is thought originally to have been a jiuta piece an anonymous composer. It is, however, better known today as a nagauta piece. The nagauta version, arranged by Kineya Sakichi (dates unknown), was used as a meriyasu piece in the kabuki play, Oakinai hirugakojima, premiered at Edo's Nakamura-Za theater in 1784. It is this version, which was brought from Edo and popularized in Osaka towards the end of the eighteenth century.

Poem (translated by Tsuge Gen'ichi)

It is the pillow
We shared that night,
When I let down
My jet-black hair.
That is the cause of my lament
When I sleep alone
With my single robe
To cover me.
'You are mine,' he said,

Not knowing the heart
Of a simple girl.
The voice of a temple bell,
Sounds into the quiet night.

Awakening from an empty dream
In the morning,
How lovely, sweet,
And helpless is my longing.
Before I know it
The silver snow has piled up.
Kurokami no
omoi wo ba
tokete neta yo no
makura koso
hitori nuru yo no
sode wa katashiku
tsuma ja to iute


guchi na onago no
kokoro to shirade
shin to fuketaru
kane no koe

Yuube no yume no
kesa samete
yukashi natsukashi
tsumoru to shirade
tsumoru shirayuki

Kurokami appears on the following albums

Araki Kodo III and Fukuda Eika - Collection of Famous Performances - 02 Araki Kodo III Kawada Tou Fukuda Eika

Dream Picture Gunnar Jinmei Linder

Fascination of the Koto 2
Yonekawa Megumi Yonekawa Toshiko
    Kurokomi (Black hair)

    Composed by Koide Itizyuro I in the late 18th century. This short and melodious song depicts the sadness of a woman sleeping alone.

Fujii Kunie, The World of Shamisen and Jiuta Singing 1 None
Fujii Kunie

Fukami Satomi - Sokyoku Jiuta Shu - 3

Fukami Satomi
Hirai Sumiko no Sekai

Hirai Sumiko
How to Play the Shamisen and the Koto

Kikuhara Hatsuko
How to Play the Shamisen and the Koto (Disc 2)
Nakajima Keiko Yokota Fumiko
Jiuta to Sokyoku no Sekai - 5

Kinko Ryu Shakuhachi Sankyoku Meikyoku Sen - Dai Ichi Shu - Vol 2 Yamaguchi Goro

Kinko Shakuhachi Gaikyoku Anthology Volume 1 - First Level - tape 3 Kawase Junsuke III

Kurokami Clive Bell Yanagisawa Rei
    I tied up my black hair with strong feelings in my heart.
    My hair was loose on the pillow at night.
    I was alone.
    He never truly loved me.
    Only the temple bell was heard in the still night.
    This morning I left my love still dreaming.
    The snow is getting deeper, deeper
    and does not feel my sadness.

Melody of Japan - Stillness of Winter

Sokyoku Jiuta Taikei 17 Araki Kodo III Kawada Tou Fukuda Eika

The Flower - Yoko Hiraoka and David Wheeler David Kansuke Wheeler
Hiraoka Yoko
Togashi Noriko - 03 None
Togashi Noriko
Tomiyama Kiyotaka's World

Tomiyama Kiyotaka
    Black Hair

    This composition is attributed to Koide Itizyuro (died 1800). The song text depicts the sadness of a woman who has to sleep alone. A koto part is added to the original jiuta version.

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