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Kokû (Itchoken)


This is a piece of genre Koten from the Kyushu Kei School.

Kokû (Itchoken) appears on the following albums

Hikyoku wo Saguru Nagaoka Kodo

World of Zen Music, The - Shakuhachi Music from Kyushu Nakamura Akikazu

    Also known as Koku reibo, this piece was handed down from very early on at the Itchoken temple at Hakata in Kyushu. It differs from pieces with the titles Koku and Koku reibo transmitted in other regions and schools and clearly manifests the features of the Itchoken style. The word koku in the title alludes to the eternal nature of the spirit by likening it to the vastness of nature and the universe. In legend, the Zen master Kichiku heard the piece in a dream at the Kokuzodo temple on Mount Asakuma in Ise.

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