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Kazoe Uta


This is a piece of genre Min'yo from the Min'yo School.

Kazoe Uta appears on the following albums

Ajikan Taniguchi Yoshinobu

    Song of the Wind is a modern composition written by the great koto master and composer Sawai Tadao (1939-1997). A duet for shakuhachi and koto 03-string Japanese zither) reveals a dialogue between wind and the Heart/Mind (kokoro) of the performers. This piece is unique in that there are two solo parts for each instrument halfway through the song which allows for greater individual freedom of expression then found in most duets for shakuhachi and koto.

    While this sankyoku (ensemble) piece differs from most of the solo honkyoku compositions represented here, the shakuhachi part uses some of the more advanced and difficult techniques found in many Koten Honkyoku. Taniguchi Yoshinobu is joined in this recording by Fukuhara Sawako on koto.

Endless Sea - Impressions of Japan John Singer

Haru no Umi - Koto Meikyoku Sen - 2 Yamamoto Hozan Sawai Tadao
Japan Revisited

Kimio Eto - Koto Music None Eto Kimio
    Children at Play

    A children's song which has been sung from one generation to another written as a solo number, and which skillfully employs the various and difficult techniques in koto playing.

Koto no Miryoku - Disk 2

Moonlit Castle John Singer

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