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Iso Chidori


This is a piece of genre Jiuta in the style of Tegotomono from the Ikuta Ryû - 生田 School. This piece was composed for Koto by the person Yaezaki Kengyo. This piece was composed for Shamisen by the person Kikuoka Kengyo.

History (Tsuge Gen'ichi):

A typical example of the Kyoto style tegoto-mono genre which thrived during the first half of the nineteenth century. This piece was originally composed for voice and shamisen as a jiuta; however, later it was arranged by Yaezaki Kengyo (1766?-1848) of Kyoto, as a jiuta-sokyoku piece with an elaborate koto part, since then this version has become popular.

The title Isochidori means a 'beach plover,' and is taken from the last word of the text. The song deals with the disappointed love of a betrayed bride and the transience of this world. Because of its sorrowful mood, this piece is sometimes used in Japan for performance in memory of the departed.

Poem (translated by Tsuge Gen'ichi)

My uneasy doze
Was broken at dawn
By the temple bell.

Indeed to what can I compare
This world
Of empty wishes?
In Tomorrow River
Yesterday's deep pool
Is today's shoal.
Despite the vicissitudes of life
We took the pledge of eternal love.
But unawares
I have been adrift,
A floating boat without a rudder,
Can I find shelter
In the white waves?

Are they drops from a pole?
A rain of tears?
Drenching my robe
Drenching my robe through.

The chilly coastal wind
Pierces my body this morning-
Does the beach plover too
Cry in despair?
Utatane no
makura ni hibiku
ake no kane
Geni mamanaranu
yononaka wo
nani ni tatoen
kinoo no fuchi wa
kyoo no se to
kawariyasuki zo
kawaruna to
chigirishi koto mo
itsushika ni
mi wa ukifune no
kajio wo tae
ima wa yorube mo
shiranami no


Sao no shizuka ka
namida no ame ka
eureni zo nureshi
mi ni shimu kesa no
urakaze ni
wabitsutsu ya naku

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