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Hietsuki Bushi


This is a piece of genre Min'yo from the Min'yo School.

Hietsuki Bushi appears on the following albums


Bamboo Spirit Peter Ross

Beyond Time And Space Koga Masayuki

    Barnyard grass pounding tune

    A general came to Miyazaki from Kyoto after the Heike Clan lost the Battle of Dannoura( I 185 A.D.). Later, when the new government attempted to capture him, he was forced to flee. A young woman works in the fields singing about her
    hopes for his return.

Flower Dance - Japanese Folk Melodies

    The sad melody of Hietsuki bushi stems from a folk song of Kumamoto in Kyushu. It is based upon the story of the Heike family, whose members hid themselves in the mountains after they were defeated in the Genji and Heike War. Poverty forced them to eat wild corn instead of rice. Heitsuki means "to thresh the corn with a wooden mallet"-the sound of which is simulated in the tsuzumi {small drum} accompaniment.

Japanese Folk Songs

    A laborer's song handed down at rice-growing districts since the olden days. Its main story is about the tragic love of young lovers born into rival families.

Memories of My Home Riley Kelly Lee

Shakuhachi with Piano in Concert Koga Masayuki

    A song sung by peasant maidens to a sleeping child. They sing of their poverty and of the hopelessness of their lives.

Space between thoughts - a journey east, The Peter Ross

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