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Akebono no Shirabe


This is a piece of genre Koten from the Kinko Ryû - 琴古流 School.

History (John Singer):

"Akebono" means "to transpose up a fifth" (in Koto music the "Akebono joshi" (Akebono tuning) of the Yamada Ryu is transposed up a fifth from the standard "Hira Joshi"). Also, in Gagaku music, Akebono joshi (called Oshiki cho) is one of the six Gagaku tunings where the major note is "A".

Although this piece is not found in the "Kinko Techo" (Kinko Records), as far as the melody is concerned, the essence of this piece is exactly the same as that of the piece "Hifumi Hachigaeshi". The key is changed four steps but the melodic movement is almost identical in both pieces. The only difference in the two pieces is that of the key and small embellishments or ornaments.

Akebono no Shirabe appears on the following albums

Complete Collection of Honkyoku from the Kinko School - Vol 2 - Disc 3 Aoki Reibo II

Kinko Ryu Honkyoku - 7 Aoki Reibo II

Koten Shakuhachi Gaku Zen Shu - 1 Takeuchi Chiko

Shakuhachi no Shinzui-Shakuhachi Honkyoku - 11 Yamaguchi Goro

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