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Kangen Hissho


This is a piece of genre Modern. This piece was composed for Shakuhachi by the person Higo Ichiro in 1977.

Kangen Hissho appears on the following albums

Art of Bamboo, The Sugawara Kuniyoshi Izumiyama Shoko
    This is one of the standard works in the contemporary repertoire for traditional instruments. The composer says, "Our predecessors left us very little pure instrumental music; most of the repertoire is vocal with occasional instrumental sections. But in those instrumental sections the heart sings beautifully and because they are irreplaceable they still exist today. I have tapped that 'monument' which is secretly flowing through our veins and written this work." The continuous splendid koto and shakuhachi themes in this masterpiece clearly show that they are not just accompanimental instruments.

Kangen Hissho Furuya Teruo

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