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Sado Okesa


This is a piece of genre Min'yo from the Min'yo School.

Sado Okesa appears on the following albums

Flower Dance - Japanese Folk Melodies

    This piece stems from a folk song of Niigata. Its melody was probably brought from Kyushi, the southernmost island; many similar melodies were set to different words and are familiar to today's listeners. Sado kesa describes the small island of Sado where criminals were transported.

Folk Songs with Shakuhachi

Journey of the Wind

Koto Melodies of Japan - Hogaku Yonin no Kai (The Four Players Group)

    Near the Japan Sea coast of the middle part of the Japanese mainland there is a small island called Sado Island. In the old days it was famous for being an exiles' island and for its gold mine. Sado-Okesa is the most popular song among the people of this island. In the Bon Festival in summer the islanders form a circle and sing this song, dancing elegantly. The Festival is a traditional Japanese event when the dead's souls were once believed to return to this world. In the present days the festival still exists as a kind of recreation. The above-mentioned Awa-Odori and Kiso-Bushi, too, are danced in this festival.

Melody of Japan - Brightness of Summer

Memories of My Home Riley Kelly Lee

Minyo Meijin Series Watanabe Kizo

Minyo Shakuhachi no Shirabe

Nihon Minyo - Shakuhachi Tokusen Shu - 2

Shakuhachi Folk Tunes - Vol 1

Shakuhachi, Shamisen no Shirabe; Nihon no Minyo - 2

Tokusen Shakuhachi Minyo

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