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Maboroshi wo Oute


This is a piece of genre Modern. Also Known As : Pursuit of Illusion. This piece was composed for Koto by the person Chikushi Katsuko.

Maboroshi wo Oute appears on the following albums

Kangen Hissho Furuya Teruo

Koto Images
Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto
Sounds from Japan Yokoyama Katsuya

    This tune was composed by Kazuko Chikushi at the end of 1945, based on the Japanese poems by Takeko Kujo. It is said that Kazuko Chikushi, who had sympathy with these Waka poems of Takeko Kujo as a female, couldn't help shedding tears, while she was composing it. This tune is filled with the notes that express the pure heartedness, agony and yearning hidden in the female's mind. (Katsuya Yokoyama)

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