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Richard Hiebinger

Hiebinger, Richard

Sayama-music was founded in the late 80's with the intention of producing life-positive and energetic music by Richard Hiebinger:

- music which gives the listener aesthetic and sensual moments of relaxation
- music which serves therapeutic work and meditation by creating an supportive ambience.

- All of the sayama-music CD's have been produced with much love, know-how and care to make the above mentioned results possible.

- Acoustic instruments from all over the world have been used: guitar, cello, oboe, piano, gongs and Tibetan singing bowls, shakuhachi & koto, ti-tzi & bansuri flutes, cheng, sanntoor overtone singing and percussion

- The music has been tuned to scales of various musical cultures and epochs, and to the planet tones (according to Hans Cousto), making universal harmony experientially possible through music and sound.

- All of the studio equipment has been powered by solar energy.

- sayama-music has developed the "sayama-24-BIT- mastering" which makes the digital sound quality brilliant while at the same time having the warmth of an analogue recording. All of the sayama-music CD's contain an High-End Finish in 24-BIT-Mastering. The newer CD's have been entirely produced in this data-format. The process of digital musical recording in 24-BIT-Format creates a purer, warmer and more natural sound reproduction with excellent dynamic and transparency.

Richard Hiebinger has studied and practiced holistic forms of meditation and energy work (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, sound therapy) for over ten years. He regularly gives seminars, sessions and concerts on this theme.

"I consider sayama-music CD's as successful, exceptional music which is deeply inspired and valuable for relaxation, therapeutic work or simply the enjoyment of listening." - Professor Kurt Tepperwein (author and seminar leader)

"With the invigorating vibrations of YIN TAO my body moves weightlessly as it carried out the aesthetic movements of Tai Chi." - Zheng Yi (Doctor at TCM and Tai Chi-master)

"In the bubbly subtle improvisations of YIN TAO the yin shows at its best side." - Rolling Stone magazine

"Through its well done improvisations and refined playing techniques REIKI-HANDS stand out far above the standard mixture of New-Age music. " - DAO-magazine


Autumn Autumn

Autumn represents maturity and contentment, relaxes and helps us to enjoy and let go.

Feng Shui Harmony Feng Shui Harmony

Feng Shui Harmony is a gentle and warm space of sound which is formed by the intermingling of the overtone rich acoustic instruments from Asia and the sound of falling water droplets from an artistically designed "sound fountain". The breath of the bamboo flutes, the overtones of the Chinese harp, the planetary tones of the sound bowls, the structures of percussion instruments and the flowing pearls of water droplets create an acoustic ambience with "good Feng Shui". The body, mind and spirit blossoms as it lets go into a greater flow of energy.

Kyorei - Klang der Leere Kyorei - Klang der Leere

OM - Moving Silence OM - Moving Silence

Flowing sounds, rhythms and sacred chants sung on the cosmic primordial tone "OM" make the power of the music alive and palpable and bring the soul to long for love and Oneness in Being. From the synthesis of eastern, archaic sound pictures and classical western elements - produced with the sayama 24-BIT-mastering - comes an energetic music which leads consciousness into the endless space of the universe. Stillness and movement melt into oneness.

Reiki Hands Reiki Hands

REIKI-Hands was created with the intention of deepening the experience of Reiki sessions and initiations. All the instruments stem from the Himalayas or Japan therefore forming a deeper connection to the roots of Reiki. The planetary tones of the Tibetan and Japanese bowls induce deep relaxation on different levels which in turn facilitate a greater opening to the stream of cosmic life-energy. The melodies of the bamboo flutes and the Koto harp harmonize the heart energies and help us to re-experience the oneness with the universe. Reiki-Hands is grounded in practical experience collected in seminars and through the creative exchange of several Reiki masters and therapists.

Relaxation Collection Relaxation Collection

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Shakuhachi, Gongs, Harp, Guitar, Piano & Keyboards, Cello, Vocals and Percussion.

Roses of Peace Roses of Peace

Roses of Peace is a musical journey around the world, inspired by t he fragrance of the rose and played on a variety of instruments. The rose flourishes in almost all parts of the world and has a special symbolic meaning in most cultures. With its exquisite flowering scent and its special radiance, it has come to represent the heart, love and the element which brings mankind together. Meditative, romantic melodies interchange with rhythmically accentuated passages. A warmth arises embodying a heart-uplifting world of sound in which inner peace and harmony reign, a warmth which carries the vibration and atmosphere of the melodies.

Sacred Healing Touch Sacred Healing Touch

Through his extensive studies of the healing impact of music, Sayama has created an intimate hour of music that sets a resonance to help release accumulated stress and blockages. In combination with the clinically proven benefits of massage, this musical journey can be an invaluable tool for our healing process.

Sacred Healing Waters Sacred Healing Waters

Flowing water winds its way gently, not with force but following the path of least resistance. With patience and persistence, water penetrates the hardest stone. These soothing sounds of flowing water, blended harmoniously together with the breath of bamboo flutes, overtones of Chinese harp, tones of sound bowls and soft gongs, can softly penetrate our resistances, allowing us to gently, gently let go.

Sayama Kyorei Sayama Kyorei

Staying With the philosophy of the Japanese Len culture, the improvisations on KYOREI happened spontaneously out of the moment. KYOREI invites the listener to empty his consciousness of unnecessary thoughts and for the moment to sink into the original purity of nature. The freshness of spring has been made perceptible through the harmony of a gurgling creek, bird song and the Koto harp recorded at dawn on one May morning. While the sounds of the Shakuhachi flute - whose spectrum of sound ranges from tender cherry blossoms to the jagged walls of cliffs - sinks into the sound of a mountain stream, the vastness and emptiness of the sky settles down upon the earth.

Sesshin - Sayama Sesshin - Sayama

Spring Spring

Spring opens the heart to lightness and love and supports your creativity.

Summer Summer

Summer strengthens your life-energy and joy of life and invites you to dance and celebrate.

Wellness Collection Wellness Collection

Guitar, Piano & Keyboards, Koto & Shakuhachi, Gu Cheng & Ti-Tzi, Bansuri Flute, Overtones Singing, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs & Percussion, Cello, Oboe, Santoor and Classical Hammered Dulcimer.

Wind and Water Celebration Wind and Water Celebration

Wind & Water Celebration combines European classical music (Vivaldi, Debussy and others) which is masterfully played on concert harp and tenor hammered dulcimer, with traditional Asian melody and background instruments such as Shakuhachi, au-Cheng & Ti-Tzi, Tibetan bells & gongs. Wind & Water Celebration is a musical inner joy.

Winter Winter

Winter helps inner contemplation & meditation and supports concentration.

Yin Tao Yin Tao

All of the melodic instruments on YIN TAO are tuned to the planetary tone of Venus, the feminine symbol and goddess of inspiration, beauty and love. Out of the successful combination of classical European and Asian instruments emerges a concert ante and meditative world music which sensitively yet powerful stirs the heart. It brings the intuitive, playful, creative, sensual, loving and devotional sides of our being to life. (Guitar, Piano, Cello, Oboe, Koto & Shakuhachi, Gu-Cheng & Ti-Tzi, Bansuri and Percussion)

Tracks Recorded

EveningKyorei - Klang der Leere
MorningKyorei - Klang der Leere
Sesshin ISesshin - Sayama
Sesshin IISesshin - Sayama

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