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Paul Kastner

Kastner, Paul

Came to Japan in 1976 after becoming enthralled by the Shakuhachi after attending a concert of November Steps for Shakuhachi and Biwa, composed by Takemitsu Toru and performed by Katsuya Yokoyama and Kinshi Tsuruta with the Boston Symphony Orchestra ( conducted by Seiji Osawa) in 1974 at Tanglewood.

Studied with Master Yoshikazu Iwamoto in Tokyo for 3 years until he left for the UK and continued his studies with Master Katsuya Yokoyama for 10 years taking a junshihan with the Chikushinkai. He was fortunate to take a seminar with Master Watazumi Doso Roshi. Performed with the Hogaku Salad and various Jazz and contemporary and New Age ensembles. Interest in contemporary music he also studied with John Kaizan Neptune.

Interests range from Dokyoku, traditional Sankyoku, Minyo, contemporary and Jazz Shakuhachi. currently living in Nagano, Japan


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