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Marco Lienhard

Lienhard, Marco

Marco Lienhard, a native of Switzerland, was a member of the internationally acclaimed taiko group Ondekoza from 1981–1994. While touring as a professional taiko player in Japan, he studied the shakuhachi under Masters Teruo Furuya and Katsuya Yokoyama, quickly becoming a virtuoso solo artist. Lienhard also studied the fue and the nohkan (Noh theater flute) with Masayuki Isso. Lienhard has performed more than 3000 concerts in Europe, Asia and North America with appearances at some of the world’s most prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Boston Symphony Hall, Osaka Castle Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Center and Suntory Hall in Tokyo. He has contributed to many movies, documentaries and CDs, has done several recordings with Ondekoza, Taikoza and has two critically acclaimed shakuhachi recordings. Marco Lienhard has appeared on many TV shows including the Regis and Kathie Lee Show, the PBS special A World of Performances (the 20th Anniversary Gala of Wolf Trap), a documentary for Canadian National TV, MTV and NBC’s 1998 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He was the featured shakuhachi player in the American premiere of the Temple of the Golden Pavilion with the New York City Opera at Lincoln Center.

Lienhard has been actively teaching the shakuhachi, taiko and fue in New York and around the world including workshops at the Kosa Percussion workshops in Vermont and the bi-annual taiko conferences in California.




Marco Lienhard - Shakuhachi Marco Lienhard - Shakuhachi

Kinko honkyoku, Japanese lullabies, folk music.

Poeme du Bambou Poeme du Bambou

Tracks Recorded

Amazing GraceMarco Lienhard - Shakuhachi
DahaPoeme du Bambou
E muGrace
Esashi OiwakeMarco Lienhard - Shakuhachi
FantasyPoeme du Bambou
Haru no UmiGrace
Hon ShirabePoeme du Bambou
Itsuki no KomoriutaMarco Lienhard - Shakuhachi
Kaigara BushiPoeme du Bambou
Lullaby From ShimabaraMarco Lienhard - Shakuhachi
Poeme Du BambouPoeme du Bambou
Sagari Ha (Don't know which version)Poeme du Bambou
San'anMarco Lienhard - Shakuhachi
San'ya (Dokyoku)Marco Lienhard - Shakuhachi
San'ya (Dokyoku)Poeme du Bambou
ShingetsuPoeme du Bambou
Shirabe (Nezasa Ha)Poeme du Bambou
SokkanMarco Lienhard - Shakuhachi
SuzuruPoeme du Bambou
Takeda no KomoriutaPoeme du Bambou
TamukeMarco Lienhard - Shakuhachi
Tsuru no Sugomori (Don't know which version)Poeme du Bambou
Yamagoe (aka Reiho)Marco Lienhard - Shakuhachi

Composed or Arranged

Shakuhachi Compositions
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Poeme Du Bambou

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