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Andreas Fuyu Gutzwiller

Gutzwiller, Andreas Fuyu
Born 1940


Andreas Gutzwiller was born in 1940 in Germany. After attending school in
Basel Switzerland, he studied musicology and ethnomusicology at the free University of Berlin and ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University, United States. He began the study of the Japanese shakuhachi flute with Araki Kodo V, then continued his studies in Tokyo with Kawase Junsuke III. In 1974 he received his Ph.D with a thesis on the history and music of the shakuhachi. In 1976 he was the first European to receive the title of shihan (master) of the Kinko School of shakuhachi and the name of Fuyu. Since 1980, he has taught at the Music Academy in the city of Basel and was Director of the Studio for non-European music of the Music Academy until 2005. In the summer of 2004, he received a teaching position for ethnomusicology of the musicology Institute of the University of Basel. He is author of Shakuhachi: Aspects of History, Practice & Teaching among others.




Emptiness of the Sky, The Emptiness of the Sky, The

Kinko Honkyoku prepared by Miura Kindo.

Flute of the Misty Sea, The Flute of the Misty Sea, The

Music For Two Shakuhachi

Shakuhachi duets.

True Spirit of Emptiness, The True Spirit of Emptiness, The

Kinko Honkyoku prepared by Miura Kindo.

Tracks Recorded

Aki Kaze no KyokuMusic For Two Shakuhachi
Akita Sugagaki (Kinko Ryu)Emptiness of the Sky, The
Ashi no ShirabeEmptiness of the Sky, The
Banshiki ChoTrue Spirit of Emptiness, The
Hi Fu Mi Hachigaeshi no Shirabe (Kinko Ryu)True Spirit of Emptiness, The
Igusa ReiboFlute of the Misty Sea, The
Kokû ReiboEmptiness of the Sky, The
Kokû ReiboMusic For Two Shakuhachi
Koro Sugagaki (Kinko Ryu)Music For Two Shakuhachi
Kotoji no KyokuFlute of the Misty Sea, The
Mukaiji ReiboFlute of the Misty Sea, The
Reibo NagashiEmptiness of the Sky, The
Rokudan no ShirabeMusic For Two Shakuhachi
Sakai Jishi (Kinko Ryu)Music For Two Shakuhachi
Sayama SugagakiFlute of the Misty Sea, The
Shika no Tône (Kinko Ryû)Music For Two Shakuhachi
Shin KyoreiTrue Spirit of Emptiness, The
Sokaku ReiboTrue Spirit of Emptiness, The
Tsuki no KyokuEmptiness of the Sky, The
Yugure no KyokuFlute of the Misty Sea, The


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