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Matsushita Shunzan

Matsushita Shunzan
Born 1967


Ms. Shunzan Matsushita was born in Tokyo in 1967. At age 12 she began to study shakuhachi under her father Shunzan Matsushita. In 1986 she became a student of Tokyo University of Fine Arts (Tokyo Geijitsu
Daikgaku) as the first woman shakuhachi student, and graduated in 1990.

Shunzan Matsushita has performed at the Imperial Palace, and she has performed annually on NHK FM Radio since 1990. In 1991 she performed in the USA, and in 1992 she gave performances at the Marin Expo in Italy and Floriad '92 in Holland. Then in 1994 she formed a group "Hushu" and started giving performances all over Japan.

Her "Nagare" concerts have been performed in 1992, 1995 and 2004. In 2003 she received her license of Music Instructor of Adult Education and at that time she started to teach and play shakuhachi in many schools throughout Japan.

Shunzan Matsushita studied Shakuhachi under Hozan Yamamoto and Chikaki Sato (Sankyoku ensemble). She is a Grand Master (Daishihan) of Tozan-ryu shakuhachi, and she is the director and an instructor of Shunzan-kai, a shakuhachi organization. She is a member of Japan Shakuhachi Federation and Kikunowa-kai.


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