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Tokuyama Takashi

徳山 隆

Tokuyama Takashi

Tokuyama has studied with several senior shakuhachi masters, but aligns himself with no particular school. His recordings are entirely from the ancient traditional Japanese shakuhachi masterworks collection, the Koten honkyoku. He studied shakuhachi under Uyeda Kado, head of the Uyeda Ryu. He received his master status in 1977 after winning the school's National Gold Medal award for three consecutive years.

In Tokyo, sensei Tokuyama leads a school for the study of traditional shakuhachi, the Honkyoku Study Group. Nowadays in Japan there are few people keeping this ancient musical tradition alive.

Tokuyama received a degree in shakuhachi performance from Tokyo Fine Arts University, a course of study he completed after already having received a degree from Keio University in philosophy and art. After graduation, Tokuyama went to Europe and India, where he studied and practiced the music and instruments of those regions. He has succeeded in learning to play dozens of instruments.

In April 1986, Tokuyama made his first visit to America, where he gave concerts and masters classes. He visited San Francisco, Marin, Berkeley, Sacramento, Willits, Garberville and Chico.




Hi Kyoku Hi Kyoku

Shakuhachi honkyoku.

Kyorei Kyorei

Shakuhachi honkyoku.

Michi Michi

Shakuhachi honkyoku.

Shumi Shumi

Shakuhachi honkyoku.

Tracks Recorded

Ajikan (Itchoken)Shumi
Akebono no Shirabe (Taizan Ha)Hi Kyoku
Akita Sugagaki (Fudaiji)Hi Kyoku
Chikuzen Sashi (Itchoken)Hi Kyoku
Choshi (Taizan Ha)Hi Kyoku
Hachigaeshi (Echigo)Michi
Hachigaeshi (Ichigetsuji)Michi
Hachigaeshi (Taizan Ha)Michi
Hachigaeshi (Taizan Ha)Michi
Hi Fu Mi no Shirabe (Don't know which version)Hi Kyoku
Ho RaiHi Kyoku
Hokkoku ReiboShumi
Iyo RenboHi Kyoku
Kokû (Taizan Ha)Hi Kyoku
Kumoi Jishi (Taizan Ha)Shumi
Kyorei (Don't know which version)Kyorei
Kyushu Reibo (Taizan Ha)Hi Kyoku
Mukaiji (Taizan Ha)Shumi
Murasaki ReiboKyorei
Oshu Reibo (Futaiken)Michi
Ôshû SashiKyorei
Renbo NagashiKyorei
Sagari Ha (Don't know which version)Michi
Sagari Ha (Nezasa Ha)Kyorei
San'ya (Futaiken)Michi
San'ya (Taizan Ha)Shumi
Sankara SugagakiKyorei
Shin KyoreiMichi
Taki Ochi (Ryogenji)Kyorei
Tsuru no Sugomori (Don't know which version)Michi
Yobi Dake - Uke DakeShumi
Yobibue-OtekiHi Kyoku

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