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Iwamoto Yoshikazu


Iwamoto Yoshikazu
Geboren 1945


Yoshikazu Iwamoto's reputation was first established in Japan through his outstanding concert appearances and by his many performances on radio and television, since when his playing has taken him around the world: In 1975 he was invited to Copenhagen where he gave concerts and also appeared on Danish television. In 1975-76 he was artist- in-residence at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, U.S.A. 1980 took him to Brazil and Argentina, and 1981 to Munich, Cologne and other cities in W. Germany. In 1983, he appeared in both the Bratislava Music Festival and the Brno International Music Festival, Czechoslovakia, and he also performed in the Republic of Ireland. In 1984 he gave concerts in Hungary and Rumania. In 1985 he toured Australia as a soloist with a major Japanese Symphonic Orchestra, giving concerts in Brisbane and Sydney, In 1986 he presented two recitals for the Almeida International Festival of Contemporary Music and Performance in London. In the same year he performed in Rome, Baden-Baden and Oxford, his concert in Baden-Baden being broacast live from Sudwestfunk. In 1987 he was invited to Belglum to give recitals ih Brussels and Gent. In autumn 1987 he gave 26 performances as on-stage musician with the English National Opera at Coliseum, London. In March to April 1988, he played in Vienna, Zurich, Bern and Brussels. In May 1988, he participated in "Points of Contacts",. three day celebration of New Electro-Acoustic Music by Young British Composers at the South Bank Centre. In October 1988, he was invited to play a duo concert with Pierre-Yves Artaud at Antidogma Musica International Music Festival in Torino, Italy. Since 1982 Yoshikazu Iwamoto has been artist-in-residence at Dartington College of Arts in the U.K. BBC Radio 3 has featured him in a series of four programmes on the shakuhachi.




Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1 Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1

Issue at Hand, The - Disk 2 Issue at Hand, The - Disk 2

Japan - The Art of the Shakuhachi

Three honkyoku duets included on an album with Yokoyama Katsuya.

Pacific Overtures Pacific Overtures

Spirit of Dusk, The Spirit of Dusk, The

Spirit of Silence, The Spirit of Silence, The

Spirit of Wind, The Spirit of Wind, The

Traditional Japanese Music Traditional Japanese Music

When the Brightness Comes When the Brightness Comes

Aufgenommene Stücke

Hi Fu Mi Hachigaeshi no Shirabe (Kinko Ryu)Spirit of Wind, The
Kokû (Dokyoku)Spirit of Silence, The
Kumoi JishiSpirit of Dusk, The
Matsukaze (Nezasa Ha)Spirit of Silence, The
Nagashi ReiboSpirit of Wind, The
Prologue (from Pacific Overtures)Pacific Overtures
Reibo (Dokyoku)Spirit of Dusk, The
Reibo (Dokyoku)Traditional Japanese Music
Reibo (Dokyoku)When the Brightness Comes
Sagari Ha (Nezasa Ha)Spirit of Wind, The
SajiSpirit of Wind, The
San'anSpirit of Wind, The
San'ya (Dokyoku)Spirit of Dusk, The
San'ya (Dokyoku)Traditional Japanese Music
San'ya (Yama-Tani)When the Brightness Comes
San'ya SugagakiSpirit of Silence, The
Shimotsuke KyoreiSpirit of Wind, The
Shin KyoreiSpirit of Dusk, The
Shin'yaSpirit of Silence, The
ShingetsuSpirit of Silence, The
ShishiSpirit of Silence, The
Such - 01Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1
Such - 02Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1
Such - 03Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1
Such - 04Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1
Such - 05Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1
Such - 06Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1
Such - 07Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1
Such - 08Issue at Hand, The - Disk 1
Such - 09Issue at Hand, The - Disk 2
Such - 10Issue at Hand, The - Disk 2
Such - 11Issue at Hand, The - Disk 2
Such - 12Issue at Hand, The - Disk 2
Such - 13Issue at Hand, The - Disk 2
TamukeTraditional Japanese Music
TamukeWhen the Brightness Comes
TôriTraditional Japanese Music
TôriWhen the Brightness Comes
Tsuru no Sugomori (Dokyoku)Spirit of Wind, The
Tsuru no Sugomori (Dokyoku)Traditional Japanese Music
Tsuru no Sugomori (Dokyoku)When the Brightness Comes
YugureSpirit of Dusk, The

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