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Clive Bell

Bell, Clive

Clive Bell studied the shakuhachi for two years in Japan under Kohachiro Miyata, one of Japan's most respected players. He has given many concerts and lecture demonstrations on Japanese music. He has also traveled extensively in Thailand and Bali, meeting and recording musicians. He plays the khene, a large Thai bamboo mouth organ, and the Balinese flute. He also plays flutes from China, Thailand, Bali, and Europe, as well as the crumhorn and the accordion.

Bell has worked with many dance and theater groups, including Extemporary Dance, IOU Theater, and Optik Theater. He has also toured in Europe as a solo performer. He is active in the improvised / contemporary music scene in London, and is a prominent member of the London Musicians' Collective. He composes and plays with two groups, Kahondo Style and British Summer Time Ends. Both groups have toured extensively in Europe. He has an improvising duo with guitarist Peter Cusack, and a Japanese classical duo with Rie Yanagisawa.



Art of Japanese Koto And Bamboo Flute Art of Japanese Koto And Bamboo Flute

Shakuhachi, koto, shamisen and vocals.

Kurokami Kurokami

Shakuhachi, koto, shamisen and vocals.

Shakuhachi - Clive Bell Shakuhachi - Clive Bell

Tracks Recorded

Aki no ShirabeKurokami
Disguised As A Silverer Of MirrorsKurokami
Esashi OiwakeKurokami
Haru no UmiKurokami
Hon ShirabeShakuhachi - Clive Bell
Kariboshikiri UtaShakuhachi - Clive Bell
Komoro BushiShakuhachi - Clive Bell
Kumoi JishiShakuhachi - Clive Bell
Monkeys and SmokeShakuhachi - Clive Bell
San'ya SugagakiShakuhachi - Clive Bell
Sansa ShigureShakuhachi - Clive Bell
Shika no Tône (Kinko Ryû)Shakuhachi - Clive Bell
Yamagoe (aka Reiho)Shakuhachi - Clive Bell

Composed or Arranged

Shakuhachi Compositions
YearTitleKanjiAlternate Title

Disguised As A Silverer Of Mirrors

Monkeys and Smoke

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