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Kurahashi Yodo II

倉橋 義雄

Kurahashi Yodo II
Born 1949/09/18


Yoshio Kurahashi started studying the shakuhachi as a child, with his father, the first director of Muju-An shakuhachi school in Kyoto. Later he studied with Homei Matsumura, the renowned Kinko-style shakuhachi player in Nara, Japan. He gave his first recital in 1976 for which he received the Osaka Cultural Award. In 1980 he became the second director of the Muju-An school. He has toured extensively since 1981 ,giving performances in the US, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Israel. Yoshio is director of the Kyoto Hogaku group and the Kyoto Sankyoku Association. Beginning in 1995 he has been teaching intensive annual classes in shakuhachi in Boston, New York and Boulder.

Also Known As Yoshio



Aki no Yugure (Autumn Dusk) Aki no Yugure (Autumn Dusk)

Traditional Chinese and Japanese music for shakuhachi with special guest Wu Man on pipa.

Kyoto Spirit Kyoto Spirit


Tracks Recorded

Ajikan (Itchoken)Kyoto Spirit
Akita Sugagaki (Kinko Ryu)Aki no Yugure (Autumn Dusk)
Azuma no Kyoku (Kinko Ryu)Kyoto Spirit
DaraniAki no Yugure (Autumn Dusk)
Iyo RenboAki no Yugure (Autumn Dusk)
Kumoi JishiKyoto Spirit
Kyorei (Fudaiji)Kyoto Spirit
Lan Hua HuaAki no Yugure (Autumn Dusk)
Mukaiji (Fudaiji)Kyoto Spirit
Murasaki ReiboAki no Yugure (Autumn Dusk)
San'ya (Jinbo)Kyoto Spirit
San'ya SugagakiKyoto Spirit
ShaoAki no Yugure (Autumn Dusk)
Taki Ochi (Ryogenji)Kyoto Spirit
Yugure no KyokuAki no Yugure (Autumn Dusk)

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